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Earn commission.
The revolutionary KOC marketing platform that brings your friends to your favorite brands with Open Banking
1 big fish vs 1000 small fishes
Have you ever hired a famous KOL or advertised on big online platforms to promote your brands? These traditional strategies do not guarantee returns and require careful selection of brand representatives. Even worse, consumers have been losing trust in them.
Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) marketing is the latest marketing trend in the 2020s. Rather than paying famous KOLs for posts or likes, it incentivises ordinary consumers with commission to promote your products directly to their friends. Instead of trying to earn a stranger’s trust, with KOC you have already gained access to your target audience in multiple trusted inner circles.
High Reach
Every consumer (KOC) can advertise for you
KOC is the close and trusted friends of your audience
Pay only when a sale is referred
For Consumers
The Social Recommendation App
Your destination to quality recommendations from your trusted friends.
Build a portfolio of your lifestyle and earn commissions for sharing your great experiences.
One-stop KOC Marketing Solution
Grow your business with guaranteed returns
Commission-based advertising
Don't pay for views or clicks. Pay only commissions for sales referred by KOCs. Enjoy easy word-of-mouth marketing with guaranteed returns and improve sales.
Connect with your loyal customers
Identify your top KOC promoter and VIP customers without any CRM. Effortlessly prompt them about your latest campaigns and encourage them to share it further.
360° consumer spending data analytics
With open banking, Picko opens up access to unparalleled consumer data to help improve targeted marketing and optimising business strategies.
A FinTech Revolution
Reinvent marketing with Open Banking
Slow technological adoption in retail stores
There are countless proven marketing strategies that help businesses gain sales, but they can be adopted only when businesses can deploy and operate the necessary systems at a low cost.
Technological adoption is lagging behind the recent marketing trend. Most physical stores only have the basic POS systems, and probably loyalty programs and coupon systems in bigger retail chains. But if they want something further such as in-depth consumer data analytics or KOC marketing, there is no easy solution in the market which they can operate without adding extra burden to existing staff.åå
Streamline KOC Marketing
Picko opens up possibilities for commission-based advertising and in-depth consumer data analytics without the need to setup or integrate multiple systems like POS, CRM and payment solutions.
Our financial architecture collects consumer data from Open Banking API to handle sales validation, commission distribution, and data analytics all in the safest possible way.
Only with Open Banking, businesses can enjoy an automatic and streamlined process to implement KOC marketing without extra burden.
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